PAGA Nigeria’s #1 Mobile Money Operator

Welcome to PAGA Nigeria, your number-one mobile money operator in Nigeria! With Paga, accessing and using your money has never been easier. Whether you want to make payments, receive money, or manage your finances, Paga has got you covered.

PAGA prioritizes convenience and accessibility through its user-friendly mobile app. Downloading the app on your Android device is a breeze.

  1. Head to the Google Play Store and search for “PAGA Nigeria.”
  2. Download and Install: Click on the “Install” button and wait for the download to complete.

Access and Convenience

Instantly link your bank account or cards to your Paga account or fund your wallet for seamless and stress-free payments. Enjoy real-time updates on your account and experience top-notch customer service that prioritizes your satisfaction.

Transparent and Secure

At Paga, we believe in transparency and integrity. Our fees are transparent with no hidden charges, ensuring that you know exactly what you’re paying for. Rest assured, Paga is 100% secure, adhering to world-class security standards, and certified by the Central Bank of Nigeria. We have also implemented robust anti-fraud measures to keep your money safe and secure.

Pay Anywhere

With Paga, you can send money to anyone, anywhere, as long as they can receive it. Our extensive network allows you to make payments for various services, including DSTV, visa fees, airline tickets, airtime, groceries, and more! Paga is the preferred payment method for numerous merchants, making it the most versatile mobile money operator in Nigeria.

Painless Money Transfer

Sending money has never been easier with Paga. You can send money to any email address, phone number, or bank account, and the recipient receives it instantly. Say goodbye to waiting for hours or days for transactions to process; Paga ensures that your money reaches its destination promptly.

Instant Money Transactions

With Paga, sending and receiving money is always a breeze. You can send money or request funds from any email or phone number for free, and it happens instantly. Say goodbye to delays and enjoy seamless money transfers every single time!

NOTE: Transfers to bank accounts might attract regulatory charges

No More Awkward Conversations

Paga empowers you to remind debtors to pay up effortlessly. Simply send a payment request or your unique URL, and with just one click, they can make their payments, saving you from awkward conversations and chasing after money.

Take Control of Your Experience

At Paga, we put you in control of your finances. Save your contacts and payment details for quick, one-click payments. Customize your dashboard with shortcuts to your most frequent transactions. Keep track of your transaction history and easily manage your account by adding or deleting cards or bank accounts. You are the captain of this financial ship!

Peace of Mind

Rest easy, knowing that your money is in safe hands with Paga. We are licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and certified with PCI DSS Level 1, adhering to the highest security standards. Our advanced anti-fraud measures ensure that your funds and personal information are fully protected.

Get Started Now!

Don’t wait any longer! Register an account with Paga and start transacting within minutes. Experience the convenience, security, and ease that Paga has to offer. Please note that this app is not intended for Paga agent accounts.

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Paga is your ultimate solution for mobile money services in Nigeria. With our user-friendly platform, transparent fees, and top-notch security, we are committed to providing you with a seamless and stress-free financial experience. Join Paga today and take control of your money like never before!