JumiaPay – Pay Safe, Pay Easy


JumiaPay is your all-in-one solution for all your payment needs. It’s more than just a payment platform; it’s a trusted companion that offers you convenience, security, and an array of exciting rewards. Whether you need to top up your mobile airtime, settle utility bills, or make online purchases, JumiaPay connects you to a world of services in the fastest, easiest, and most secure way. The Jumia Pay app revolutionizes the way you transact, allowing you to pay for mobile recharges, bills, gaming vouchers, food deliveries, transportation, travel, and much more, all in one place. Bid farewell to hassles and embrace the future of effortless payments with JumiaPay.

Discover the Perks of Jumia Pay:

  1. Cashback Bonus and Discounts: Jumia Pay makes every mobile recharge a rewarding experience with guaranteed cashback bonuses. Enjoy substantial savings on bill payments and receive daily gifts and rewards that enhance the value of your transactions.
  2. Safe and Secure Payments: Rest assured that your payments are 100% secured and certified. JumiaPay prioritizes your security, enabling you to make payments through bank accounts, debit cards, or credit cards with the assurance of instant refunds in the unlikely event of fraud.

Unlock the Power of Jumia Pay:

  • Mobile Recharge: Experience guaranteed bonuses with every airtime and data purchase. Jumia Pay allows you to recharge your mobile device safely, quickly, and conveniently. Simply choose your operator and enjoy savings on every recharge.
  • Cable TV Recharge: Save money on your cable TV bill payments with Jumia Pay. It’s the smarter way to pay. Select your cable provider, make faster payments, and enjoy competitive prices.
  • Internet Bill Payment: Never overpay on your internet bill again. Jumia Pay enables you to select your internet provider, choose your data plan or amount, verify your account details, and complete the payment with ease and confidence.
  • Utilities Bill Payment: Save both time and money by effortlessly paying your electricity, gas, water, or landline bills with JumiaPay. A few clicks are all it takes to settle your monthly utility bills.
  • Explore Endless Possibilities: Jumia Pay offers more than just bill payments; it’s an all-encompassing platform that opens doors to countless opportunities.
    • Shop online for your favorite products, from electronics to fashion.
    • Book hotels for your travels and getaways, ensuring a comfortable stay.
    • Purchase flight or bus tickets for your journeys, making travel planning a breeze.
    • Order your favorite food and have it delivered to your doorstep, simplifying mealtime.
    • Buy movie and event tickets for entertainment, ensuring you never miss out on the latest shows and experiences.
    • Stay informed with blogs and radio, staying updated with the latest news and entertainment.

JumiaPay in Different Countries:

  • Nigeria: For detailed information, please visit https://pay.jumia.com.ng. Share your feedback with us at cs.pay.ng@jumia.com.
  • Egypt: For comprehensive details, please visit https://pay.jumia.com.eg. Send your feedback to cs.pay.eg@jumia.com.
  • Ghana: For extensive insights, please visit https://pay.jumia.com.gh. Reach out with your feedback to cs.pay.gh@jumia.com.
  • Morocco: For thorough information, please visit https://pay.jumia.ma. Share your feedback with us at cs.pay.ma@jumia.com.
  • Kenya: For comprehensive details, please visit https://pay.jumia.co.ke. Send your feedback to cs.pay.ke@jumia.com.


Experience the ease and convenience of Jumia Pay, the ultimate payment solution. With Jumia Pay, you can pay safely and easily for a wide range of services while enjoying cashback bonuses and discounts. Whether you need to recharge your mobile, pay bills, or explore endless possibilities, JumiaPay has got you covered. Download the JumiaPay app today and simplify your payment journey.

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